Safety of our students and staff is our top priority. As we continue to do what we can to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we want to remind you of safety protocols we have in place for our 2021 sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our First Tee building at 918-591-4168.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Protocols


  • Each student will be dropped off in an orderly fashion, one vehicle at a time, in a “drive through” manner. In the drop off zone, the parent will be required to complete a daily “Acknowledgement of Health Form” before the student would be allowed to leave the vehicle and participate in the lesson that day. If the student is exhibiting any symptoms do not bring them to class.
  • Please refrain from enrolling your child in the programming if they or a member of your household: (i) are suffering from the Coronavirus and for a period of 14 days after recovering from the Virus, (ii) have had exposure to persons infected by the Virus and for a period of 14 days thereafter, (iii) have had exposure to other persons who have had close contact with persons infected by the Virus and for a period of 14 days thereafter, (iv) are currently subject to any recommended self-quarantine or isolation for any reason, including recent travel, or (v) are currently suffering from symptoms of acute respiratory infection, including cough, fever, sore throat, or shortness of breath.

  • Additionally, before leaving the vehicle, First Tee students will have their temperature taken by a First Tee staff member using an infrared temperature gauge. If a participant has a fever, that child would not be able to attend the class.

  • As an additional safety measure, we are expanding our current safety protocols to include the following: If a child comes to class and feels sick or is displaying ANY form of  illness, the child will be sent home immediately and not allowed to come back to class for two weeks. Upon return, the parent will need to sign an additional form stating the child has not been ill for the past 14 days.


  • Each student is required to bring a mask with them to each class.  They will have to be worn until the class splits into stations.  At that point, it is up to the student if they want to continue to wear their masks while in a station.  At the end of class, when the coaches bring the students back together for final remarks, the students will be required to be wearing their masks until dismissal.


  • Students who do not have clubs will receive clubs (depending on availability). They will be required to bring these items to each class time. Parents must sign a release form stating they give permission for their child to receive the equipment.

Social Distancing

  • Strict social distancing rules would be implemented for students and staff during all class times. Social distancing of 6 feet would be required and enforced on the course as well as in the stations. For classes conducted in the practice area, there would be one instructor assigned to each group of 5 students to enforce social distancing rules.

  • Class sizes would be reduced to no more than 25 students in a class, with 5 students rotating through 5 different stations. There would be no more than 5 students in a station at a time, they would be separated a distance of 6 feet or more with an X marked on the ground for each student to easily recognize their space.

  • Parents and family members would be not be allowed to spectate in the programming areas or walk the course during class times.

  • We will meet and conduct all classes outdoors. With classes being conducted 100% outdoors, if inclement weather is predicted in the forecast, or arrives the day of class, we will cancel the class.

Sterilization and Masks

  • Range balls and all equipment will be sterilized in bleach or a 70% alcohol solution before and after each class.

  • We will require all participants and staff attending/teaching the class to wear a mask if we are doing a big group activity. This means you will have to bring a mask with you to class every week. If you do not have a mask, First Tee — Tulsa will provide one on the first day of class and they participant will be responsible for said mask for the duration of the Summer

Inclement Weather

  • If inclement weather is expected to be in the area during a class, we will cancel said class. We will cancel a class two hours before its scheduled time. Cancellation will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website. Please check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website before coming to your registered class, especially if weather is expected. Understandably, we may cancel classes and a storm may not materialize, but classes will still be cancelled.


  • When you pick-up your student, we will dismiss in an orderly fashion, one at a time. You will drive through the drop-off line, and a First Tee — Tulsa staff member will call your child from their designated area when you have reached the front of the line.

We are asking all participants to bring a water bottle with them to every class. If a child does not have a water bottle, First Tee — Tulsa will provide bottled water for the child.

If any participant or family member does not follow the safety protocols put forth by First Tee — Tulsa during the programming session, that participant will be asked not to return for the duration of that sessions programming.

Things to Remember: Every class, the drop-off method will be used for the entirety of the session. Please do not forget your provided equipment (if you do not have equipment, some will be given on the first day), mask, water bottle, your most recent First Tee certification hat (if you have one), and player book for each class.